Notice to Our Clients:

Bandwidth still having issues.
Regrettably, it appears after an initial proclamation that it had resolved its issues, Bandwidth is still having outages.

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Why is this affecting me and what are you doing about it? 

We are working with NUSO to move our customer's phone numbers to a new carrier. This process is underway but it is an arduous process that will require some time as the impacted carrier is taking extra time to release the numbers.

Bandwidth Status (click to see current status)

In the news:

Managed IT ServicesIT managed services: See how the practice of outsourcing, on a proactive basis, the management, responsibilities, and maintenance of your IT, can improve your operations, limit down time and cut your expenses.

These are some of the Network Services that we offer:

ico_blue_arrowManaged Service Plans - We can develop a customized plan to fix your need and your budget. Whether you have a multiple server environment, or you just need a reliable why to get remote support for those pesky problems. We can fit a plan to your needs.

ico_blue_arrowRemote Support /Managment - This is one of the most affordable and effective ways we can bring you support. It is quick, affordable and we can customize a plan for just remote support and save you money.

ico_blue_arrowNetwork Design - We can help you design your network infrastructure to take advantage of newest technologies. From new virtualization to high speed switches. Our entire motivation is to get you the most "bang for your buck" and only sell you things that will bring you real value.

ico_blue_arrowUpdating Existing Networks - Do you have an existing network? We can manage it, update it, or simply fix it. Let us give you a free evaluation. 

ico_blue_arrowNetwork Switches - From a basic switch, to the newest in gigabit, and in POE switches. We have the ability to supply, configure and support.

ico_blue_arrowSecurity / Firewalls - We support great firewall names like Sonicwall and Zyxel. We can increase you security, block unwanted sites, and help stop hackers before they can get in. 

fullremoteclientThis amazing tool allows us to remotely and securely update, fix and maintain our contract clients desktops, laptops and servers.

With remote services we are able to maintain your network and fix vast majority of issues without having the expense of an on-site visit; all while relieving you and your staff of the burden of IT management.