Why is this affecting me?

In an attempt to explain what is currently happening to one of the largest data backbones in the country, I will explain it this way;

The backbone is a “superhighway”. Multiple lanes of traffic leading you to on and off ramps that your data/voice/video travels. The company, Bandwidth, owns and maintains one of the largest superhighways in the nation. It handles traditional voice traffic (PSTN), VoIP Traffic, SMS traffic, Zoom Video Traffic, Google voice, Microsoft teams as well as internet traffic to and from data centers all over the nation and the world.

Now, leading to that superhighway are smaller highways with, as stated, on and off-ramps that lead to many different addresses that are like “apartment buildings”. They are PBX’s that house many different client accounts/phones numbers.  Just like an apartment building, it has a driveway that hooks to one of the smaller highways.  

In our scenario, NUSO would be one of those smaller, yet significant highways, with on and off-ramps to the superhighway. MDC’s Cloudtalk PBX would be one of the millions of apartment buildings. Our apartment complex driveway leads directly onto NUSO’s highway.

So, what is happening? Remember seeing the news when all the protestors clogged the highways and stopped traffic? Well, it is kind of like this in a DDOS attack. Multiple computer bots are getting on the superhighway going nowhere and just creating a clog. They just get in the way, and like a protestor, they have to be dealt with in order to get traffic moving again. So, in other words, everything from traditional phones lines, to cutting-edge video technologies is being affected by the attack on this superhighway.

So, in our example, the Cloudtalk apartment complex and driveway are good and have no issues. The NUSO highway is clear, but the on/off ramps to the superhighway are being clogging it up as well as the highway itself is clogged. This is not letting traffic flow. Bandwidth is trying to send its geek police to clean up the bots and get traffic flowing again. A much easier-sounding task than it actually is.

This is a big deal and is affected a lot of companies nationwide. We hate that our clients are having to suffer along with everyone else. But as you can see from the example above, there is very little that anyone that lives in the millions of apartment buildings or owns the thousands of smaller highways could do about this.

Currently, NUSO is working on moving it on and off-ramps to a different superhighway. This however is a monumental task and cannot be done on the “fly”. See this link from NUSO to get a better understanding of this process:  https://nuso.cmail19.com/t/ViewEmail/j/18D49223D32AD7E72540EF23F30FEDED/A375D07E3DFE64247F4E5A579FEBB2E9

We appreciate your patience and understanding as the many we talked to understand that the issues are “upstream” from us and NUSO. NUSO has started the process to move to a different superhighway, but this will take time and will be a painful move. However, we, like NUSO believe that at the end of the move, our clients will be better off.

I hope this oversimplification of how the system works helps you understand how big this issue is and gives you a better insight into why we and NUSO are pretty helpless in effecting a quick fix to this. We are working with NUSO on doing what we can. 

Thank you for your continued patronage and understanding. Your business is very much appreciated. We will keep you up to date on what we are doing and where we are at in this unique and unprecedented situation.

The MDC Team