hostedServicesWe own our own infrastructure and offer many different hosted services. We do not use third party servers to bring our hosted services to our customers. We have invested the time and resources to own all of our own servers, switches, routers, and firewalls. We even own our own secondary data center in Monett. This allows us to support the services and equipment with lightning fast responses. No waiting for the "other guy" to fix their problem so our clients can work. So, if you need a hosted server, e-mail, off-site backup, VoIP PBX or any other quality hosted solution, we have what you need.

Here are some of our Hosted Solutions:

ico_blue_arrow VoIP PBX - This is our CloudTalk PBX solution, part of our Blackbuck Communications VoIP Telephony division. Learn more about how we can save you money on your monthly phone service. 

ico_blue_arrow Web Hosting & Web Design - We offer complete custom CMS websites that are designed for you. This is our division. Learn more by clicking here.

ico_blue_arrow Hosted Servers- We offer Virtual Servers located in a secure data with redundant power and internet. We can customize a virtual server to fit your needs. Contact us to learn more.

ico_blue_arrow Data Go Data Protect with Off-site backups and server imaging. - If you need off-site backups, we have the solution. See our Data Protection link for more information.

ico_blue_arrow Hosted E-mail. - Get away from the "big box" email solutions and get yourname@yourdomain email today. Learn more by going to our Fortismail web page.